President Message

Welcome to Starlight Service Center Website!

We as part of Abdulkarim Holding group have been involved in the growth of the national economy by taking a leading role in providing products and services we attain from a long-term partnership worldwide to address the needs of its customers. Our business has continued to evolve over the years and now we encompass regional presence across the Middle East and in the United States, Europe and Asia.

We have diversified into the areas of manufacturing, advanced supply chain programs and providing products, professional solutions and services in the areas of; Hydrocarbon, Power Systems, Electrical, Laboratory Systems, Enterprise Solutions & Training, IT Infrastructure, Telecommunications and Education.

We significantly invests in human resource development for its resources, which is in-line with supporting the business growth and challenges we always strive to rise to, aiming to satisfy our customers needs. It would be a pleasure to partner with you and to share our experience and wide service portfolio to facilitate in achieving operational excellence.


Abdulaziz Al AbdulKarim